About Risk Solutions Inc.

Risk Solutions was started in 2009 to meet a need that was missing in the Southeastern marketplace. We seek to serve our clients first and foremost with current information, current compliance legislation and relevant guidance that our clients can rely on to make sound risk management and employee benefit decisions. Unique to our industry, our clients are our first priority...not any private equity investor, institutional shareholders or corporate headquarters demanding a 25% margin on revenues. We don't have sales meetings to push our teammates to sell more product. Our team collaborates every week to improve the risk profiles of our clients, reduce their costs and help them focus on growing their own organizations.
We are trusted partners and advisers to our clients rather than a vendor.  

​Our interest is in protecting our clients’ assets and in helping our clients grow their businesses. The best way for us to do these things is to provide optimal insurance and employee benefits solutions, and extensive personalized services.  We maintain ongoing relationships with our clients so our partners can depend on us from more than a blanket of security and annual review and renewal.

We manage risk and claims and are always available when we are needed.  This means that clients have advocates, can reduce costs, and have all the information that they need in order to make the best decisions about their insurance and employee benefit plans.  This is a broad-stroke view of what we do; in reality our services are much more detailed and individualized.  We are proud to partner with our clients and welcome an opportunity to tell you about it.

Our Core Values

We define our relationship with our clients as a Partnership.  In order to partner with someone in life or business, it’s important to know who they are and what makes them tick. We are unlike your typical insurance agency because we have built upon and operate within a set of high moral standards, what we refer to as our Core Values.

  1. SERVICE: We believe our time, talent and resources fulfill their greatest potential when they are invested in others. We passionately lead, support, protect and provide for our clients, teammates and communities.

  2. TRUST: Our commitment to each other must be firm and faithful. We act with integrity, speak with truth and produce work that is consistent and reliable.

  3. TEAMWORK: We achieve the most when we work together. We strive toward common goals, respect the input of all, shoulder each other’s burdens and humbly share praise for our common efforts.

  4. INNOVATION: We foster an environment of ingenuity, constant learning, creativity and originality. We improve daily by welcoming new ideas, solving problems and employing the best technology and resources available.

  5. APPRECIATION: We honor our partners, teammates, and communities by displaying gratitude and a positive attitude. We strive to support each other with uplifting words and encouraging actions, even in difficult circumstances.

Whether you need someone to give you clear answers to complicated risk questions, guide you through changes that will save your company money, or provide you with opportunities to get the right resources to improve your overall risk profile; we will always be there for you. ​